Arlington's Tony Rutigliano Takes on First Entrepreneurial Venture to Open Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar

"Tony Rutigliano has been the president and CEO of Downtown Arlington Management Corporation for the past six years. Redevelopment is the name of the game for people in this position and that's exactly what Rutigliano helped others do during that time. He was the champion to up and coming businesses in the Arlington area."

mansfield Magazine


Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar will be a great place to relax

"When Tony Rutigliano first suggested opening a wine bar to his wife Nicole, she loved the idea. Theoretically."

Arlington Today


'Arlington's living room': Downtown official eyes his own business, a coffee-wine bar

"As president and CEO of Downtown Arlington Management Corp. the past six years, Tony Rutigliano’s job has been hawking the city’s historic center and steering redevelopment that direction. Now he’s quitting that job to work on his own economic development project."

Fort Worth Star-telegram


A place of his own

"After spending six years helping entrepreneurs launch their dream business in downtown Arlington, Tony Rutigliano says he's ready to put his money where his mouth is by starting his own."

Fort Worth Star-telegram




Urban Alchemy Coffee + Wine Bar Set to Open in Downtown Later This Summer

"Do you enjoy starting your morning with a mocha or later mellowing with a merlot? Greet the dawn with a cappuccino or finish the day with a cabernet? Get the best of both worlds at a new coffee and artisan wine bar set to open in Downtown Arlington later this summer."